Processing and Effects

Take this course if A) you want the inside scoop on processing - plug-ins and outboard and/or B) You mainly work in the box and don’t need to know about the other side of recording - recording choirs and miking drum kits… yet, anyhow!!

Lessons on:

  • Digital Audio & Computers - Whether you’re starting from scratch or just want to clarify the issues.
  • Monitoring - Because even if you’re working in the box you still need to hear your music accurately.
  • MIDI - Don’t ignore MIDI. It’s powerful, creative and not as dull as you fear!
  • EQ - Get a firm handle on what, when, why and how to apply EQ.
  • Compressors - One of the most crucial areas of modern recording. Know what you’re talking about.
  • Gates - Noise gates are incredibly useful creatures. Learn what they are and what they do.
  • Reverbs - Learn all the different types, parameters and how to not depend on presets. 
  • Delays - Delays are fun. Especially when you know what you’re doing. You will.
  • Making Beats - A great 101 on beat making with Monolog Records' Dr Jones.
  • Mixing - Practical guidance on how it all knits together.
  • Disasters - How to prevent and get out of trouble. Because there’s always trouble around.

The lessons in this Short Course are taken from our full, 26-lesson Fundamentals of Recording and Music Production course. If you want to go on and take the Full Course after taking a Short Course, you can put the cost of the Short Course towards it.

Please contact [email protected] for the necessary details.