Recording Hardware & Applications

A concise course looking at recording hardware and some of the key instances and places you’ll be using it. If your recording life is wholly in-the-box and you’d like to begin to stretch your wings and venture out… 

Lessons on:

  • History - Because everyone should have a bit of context.
  • Acoustics - Sounds are the way they are because of the space they were heard and recorded in. 
  • Mics - All recording started with a microphone. Get the low down on what and why.
  • Consoles - Not such a mystery once you break them down.
  • Monitoring - Everything you hear comes through some sort of speaker.
  • A Band Tracking Session - Musicians playing together is how modern music began. You’ll learn why and how to do it.
  • Internet Recording - A modern fact of life. You need to get up to speed on this.
  • Live Applications - Special issues special needs.
  • Recording A Choir - A bunch of human voices and the right gear. Everyone should do this once in their life.
  • Mixing - Where the rubber hits the road.
  • Dealing With Disasters - Because no matter. how experienced you are, at times you’re going to get in and need to know how to out of trouble.

The lessons in this Short Course are taken from our full, 26-lesson Fundamentals of Recording and Music Production course. If you want to go on and take the Full Course after taking a Short Course, you can put the cost of the Short Course towards it.

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