Vocal & Instrumental Recording

Take this course if you’ve mainly worked in-the-box but now want to see what’s going on outside. Learn about mics and all their various uses, placements and targets. You’ll find it even improves your in-the-box skills as you know more about how sounds were originally created and how to apply and mix them.

Lessons on:

  • Mics - Hard to overstate how important is for anyone calling themselves a producer to understand how microphones work and which to use when. This will teach you what you need to know.
  • Vocals - Regardless of the genre you work in if you don’t know much about recording vocals your career will be very limited.
  • Drums - It won’t hurt (at all) to learn how drum loops originated and how to roll your own.
  • Keyboards - A vast landscape, from samples to recording a Hammond B3.
  • Bass - It’s vital to get the bass sounding right. Learn how.
  • Guitar - There’s a huge amount to learn about recording guitars. This lesson will set you in the right direction.
  • Acoustic Guitar with Vocal - One of the most elemental recording situations that everyone will need to do at some stage. Learn about the pitfalls and get the solutions.
  • Recording A Choir - Every engineer should be able to do this. 
  • Live - A great introduction to what’s involved in recording a live band. A live-recorded multitrack you can download comes with this lesson.
  • Mixing - How sounds knit together.
  • Dealing With Disasters - Because there’s always the potential for disasters!

The lessons in this Short Course are taken from our full, 26-lesson Fundamentals of Recording and Music Production course. If you want to go on and take the Full Course after taking a Short Course, you can put the cost of the Short Course towards it.

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