Music & Computers for Musicians

A hands-on course for musicians and music creatives who want to learn how to create music using digital technology

Music & Computers for Musicians

Is this course for you?

ARE YOU a musician who’d like to be able to record, spice up, orchestrate, and arrange your own music for a podcast, video, jingle, radio commercial?
ARE YOU an avid performing musician who wants to understand the digital recording world and be able to communicate, digitally, with others without feeling excluded?
ARE YOU a music teacher who’s feeling overrun by music technology; who wants to be able to write part files, help your music students be successful, and streamline your workflow and efficiency? 
ARE YOU a worship leader or choir director looking for new ways to help everyone learn their parts and bring their performances to the next level?
ARE YOU an experienced musician, who now wants to really GET ON TOP OF TECHNOLOGY (as opposed to the other way around)?
DO YOU have PreSonus Studio One Prime or another Digital Audio Workstation on your computer but just haven’t had the bandwidth to get it going yet?

If you said “Yes” to any of these questions, then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.

Music & Computers for Musicians will help unlock the mysteries of creating music with digital technology. Technology without the tears!